Sara Öhrvall and the impact of digital technologies

Today, I’m chatting with Sara Öhrvall. Sara is the Co-founder and Senior Advisor at Mindmill Network. Mindmill helps companies understand how digital technologies impact their business. Before Mindmill Sara was the Senior Vice President of R&D at the Bonnier Group.

Sara sits on several boards. For example, she’s on the board of SEB, a Nordic corporate bank and Investor,  the leading owner of Nordic-based international companies.

She also writes a column for Dagens Industri, which is the financial daily of Sweden.

In 2017 Sara was selected for Wired’s list of 50 most inspiring female influencers from across Europe. She’s one of the best and brightest women in technology.

We talk about the impact technology will have on people and businesses and how our companies should adapt to that change.

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