Lori Schwanbeck and creating world peace through mindfulness

Today’s guest is Lori Schwanbeck. Among other things she’s one of the teachers of Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, which started out as Google’s internal program to teach mindfulness.

So the topic for this episode is mindfulness. Why has Google embraced it? How are they embracing it? What’s the research behind mindfulness? What is mindfulness and how can I get started?

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Melissa Perri and applying common sense to product management

Today’s topic is product management and lean startup. My guest is Melissa Perri.

When I asked around for tips on who to interview while in New York her name came up frequently. I’ve met her at several conferences and knew her to be an expert on product management. I was sure we’d have a fun chat so I reached out and she agreed to sit down for an interview!

We talk about how to get from business requirements, which often aren’t really requirements at all, to validated learning.

We discuss validation, experiments, user research, a weekly cadence and how top management and product management should work together.

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